Embrace the Dark Side! 5 Games Where You Play as the Villain

In recent years, video games have become more varied, letting players join in different ways and connect with each other. Most people love being the hero in games, but some actually enjoy being the bad guy. Not many games focus on the bad guys, but some do! They let you play as the villain, either as a surprise or right from the start.

Games Where You Play as the Villain

It’s a different kind of fun to be the one causing trouble instead of stopping it. We’ll check out 5 Games Where You Play as the Villain and have a blast being naughty! So, get ready for some darker gaming adventures where being bad is the way to go!

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a story driven game that follows your player Wander, his mission is to save a girl named Mono. To do this, he battles 16 gigantic creatures spread across a vast world. Each fight is like solving a puzzle while facing a massive enemy. The game isn’t only about fighting, it’s also about exploring a really vast world and finding out a story for each boss you defeat.

Shadow of the Colossus

The main character, Wander is on a mission to defeat these huge creatures called colossi. But as you play, you might start thinking whether what he’s doing is really right or if he’s actually not the hero of the story. Wander isn’t really a bad guy, but what he does might make you wonder. Some players argue about whether what Wander does in the game makes him the good guy or the bad guy. The game makes it hard to tell if the main character is really good or bad, and it lets each player decide for themselves.

Infamous Series

Have you ever thought about having amazing powers and causing chaos? In the “Infamous” games, the good guy can turn into the bad guy just because you just had too much fun causing chaos.


In the Infamous series of games, you can play as Cole or Delsin. Cole controls electricity in the first two games, while Delsin in “Infamous: Second Son” has different powers. You explore big cities and choose what happens by making decisions. You can be a hero doing good things or sometimes do things that aren’t so nice. The game changes based on what you pick, and it decides if the main character becomes a hero or a bad guy in the game’s world.

The game makes you think about what’s right and wrong. Your decisions can turn you into a powerful villain or the city’s hero. Think carefully about what you do – it decides if you’re seen as a good guy saving the city or a big danger to it.

Prototype Series

In Prototype, you play as Alex Mercer, who has amazing powers like super strength and the ability to change his body. You get stronger by fighting, finishing tasks, or taking down enemies. The story follows Alex as he tries to learn about his past in a city hit by a dangerous virus.


In Prototype 2 the story shifts and introduces a new hero, James Heller, who thinks Alex Mercer caused the virus that harmed his family. Heller gets powers like Mercer’s and goes after him. In the first game, you play as Mercer, seeming like the good guy. But in the second game, Mercer becomes the enemy you must defeat.
The change in the game makes it look like the player, who was the hero before, becomes the bad guy later on. It’s like the character you controlled in the first game becomes your enemy in the next one.

Grand Theft Auto Series

Rockstar Games is known for making awesome games, In the “Grand Theft Auto” series, players often take on the role of characters involved in criminal activities like theft, violence, and illegal actions. While the games don’t necessarily label the player as a villain, the gameplay often involves performing activities that are typically associated with being a bad guy in real life. This could include stealing cars, engaging in organized crime, and causing chaos in the open-world environments.

Grand Theft Auto

Especially their latest game Grand Theft Auto (GTA). In GTA V, where you control three characters: Michael, a retired robber; Franklin, a repo man; and Trevor, a wild and unpredictable criminal. They team up for criminal jobs to make money. The game’s a huge hit because of its story and the chance to play as these different characters living a life of crime.

Destroy All Humans! Series

In the “Destroy All Humans!” games, you’re an alien named Crypto-137 causing chaos on Earth. You have cool alien powers and futuristic weapons to make a mess, gather stuff, and travel through time. It’s all about having a blast as a funny alien bad guy!

Destroy All Humans! Series

The game is as simple as that but don’t be fooled it is a staple in the genre and considered as a cult classic of alien games. Though the games seem easy, they’re known for being fun and silly. They let you do whatever you want without being too serious.

In these games, you’re the one causing trouble instead of being the hero. It’s not just a surprise it’s what the game is all about! Whether you’re an alien making chaos, a boss doing bad stuff, or playing as not-so-good characters, these games let you be the bad guy and see games in a new way. Just remember, sometimes being bad in a game can be a lot of fun! If you want more fun stuff about movies, games, and cool things, check out our other posts here on Retro Canister.

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