Dying Light vs Dying Light 2: Which is the Best Zombie Gaming Experience in 2024?

Years after the groundbreaking debut of Dying Light 2, the community has passionately contributed to the developers’ efforts to enhance and expand the gameplay. However, loyalists of the original Dying Light acknowledge that there’s still substantial ground to cover to match the first game’s accomplishments.

The Dying Light series offered a unique blend: the fusion of parkour with zombies, fulfilling the dreams of every zombie game enthusiast. In this discussion, we aim to unravel which game better fulfills the criteria for the ultimate zombie game, exploring the battle between Dying Light 1 and Dying Light 2.

Goodnight and Goodluck

Dying Light is a 9-year-old game that stood out for being really unique and way ahead of its time. It had some awesome features that felt like they belonged in the future of gaming. We’ve made a list of what it does best and what could be better to help you figure out if it’s the best zombie game for you.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

  • Parkour Integration: Dying Light seamlessly merges parkour mechanics, reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge, with a zombie-infested world, creating a dynamic and thrilling traversal experience.
  • Day-Night Cycle Dynamics: The game’s dynamic day-and-night cycles offer distinct challenges, with daylight encouraging exploration while nighttime brings forth intense and perilous encounters with powerful adversaries like the volatiles.
  • Steep Learning Curve: The game’s parkour mechanics might pose a challenge for some players, requiring a learning curve to master movement and traversal effectively.

Immersive Survival Elements

  • Intense Survival Gameplay: Harran’s quarantine zone provides players with a vast array of weapons and tools, fostering a deep sense of immersion and urgency in fending off relentless zombie hordes.
  • Strategic Choices: The importance of narrative-driven choices and the significance of different zombie types during gameplay contribute to strategic decision-making, enhancing the overall immersion and replayability.

Atmospheric Design and Detail

  • Gritty Aesthetic: The game’s color palette and art design evoke feelings of dread and despair, effectively capturing the grim nature of the post-apocalyptic setting, complementing the immersive map design.
  • Character Depth: Dying Light boasts a diverse cast of characters that add depth and vibrance to the game’s world, making it feel more alive and engaging for players.
  • Limited Enemy Variety: Despite the diversity in zombie types, the variety of enemies might feel limited over extended gameplay, potentially reducing the excitement of encounters.

Technical Brilliance and Realism

  • Masterful AI and Physics: The game’s greatly crafted AI for zombies, particularly the volatiles, combined with remarkable physics, creates thrilling and realistic chase sequences, intensifying the gameplay experience.
  • Attention to Detail: The game’s attention to detail, including the dynamic movement of the sun, physics-based animations, and visceral portrayal of gore, contributes to a more immersive and believable game world.
  • Technical Glitches: Some players have encountered technical issues such as occasional bugs, glitches, or performance issues, impacting the overall experience.

Freedom of Exploration

  • Non-Linear Exploration: Dying Light offers players the freedom to choose their paths and routes, fostering a sense of freedom and exploration within the amazingly designed main maps of the slums and old town that enhances replayability.
  • Repetitive Missions: At times, the missions might feel repetitive, especially in the side quests, leading to a sense of monotony in gameplay.
  • Story Pacing: For some players, the pacing of the main storyline might feel inconsistent, with moments of intense action followed by slower segments, affecting the narrative flow.

Stay Human

Moving on to Dying Light 2, this highly anticipated sequel was poised to surpass its predecessor. While fans anticipated an elevated experience, the game indeed made a significant impact in the gaming sphere by continuing its legacy of uniqueness in the realm of zombie games. let’s dive into the details and features it pose and look as well to its weaknesses. Now, let’s delve deeper into its features and strengths while also examining its weaknesses.

Enhanced Parkour System

  • Improved Parkour Mechanics: Akin to Mirror’s Edge, featuring paragliders and refined animations for smoother traversal.
  • Absence of Certain Nuanced Elements to Movement: Like the character rotation, sudden movement jitter, limited to pre-rendered animations for some movements and combat, occasional AI glitches impacting movement realism.

Dynamic Map Changes

  • Engaging narrative: Map alterations based on player choices, introducing strategic traps and platforms for enhanced navigation and combat.
  • Limited attention to detail: Low quality environmental changes, reliance on pre-set design elements impacting the world immersion. lack of details in small areas like weather, sun rotation, player facial animation and many more.

Graphics and Ray Tracing

  • Ray Tracing Technology: Delivering vibrant visuals and heightened darkness during night sequences, intensifying the immersive experience.
  • Absence of Light: Certain dynamic lighting details like the sun and could not portray the actual shadows and light, potential impact on visual realism. Non ray traced players might find the game lacking in the light department.

Narrative Depth and Character Evolution

  • Superior Storytelling: Character progression tied to player decisions, fostering deeper relationships and emotional engagement. building a strong bond between player and npc through story missions and side quest.
  • Amazing Narrative: Amazingly crafted story that will make the player rethink their decisions throughout the game.

Expanded Zombie Variants

  • Increased Diversity: Different zombie types, introducing new threats like screamers and spitters alongside the infamous volatiles.
  • Limited physics: Ragdoll animations are pre rendered and missing some physics, reliance on pre-rendered zombie reactions impacting gameplay immersion.

RPG-like Inventory System and Weapon Diversity

  • In-Depth RPG-Style Inventory: Customizable in game weapons and items offering diverse playstyles, complemented by various weapon types and mods for enhanced gameplay.
  • Potential Playstyles: Players are given a choice to what playstyle they want to do because of the freedom of choice with weapons, weapon mods, and armors impacting the gameplay and enhancing immersion.

Gore Enhancements and Ongoing Updates

  • Introduction of Physics-Based Gore: Gore mechanics with enhanced physics, making combat realistic and impactful during encounters.
  • Continuous Updates: Developers are gradually improving the game through post-launch updates affecting the initial gaming experience and making the game better each update.

Which One Should You Play?

In the clash between Dying Light 1 and Dying Light 2, each game shines with its unique strengths and features. Dying Light, the pioneer, dazzled with its groundbreaking parkour mechanics and intense survival gameplay, becoming a cult classic. On the other hand, Dying Light 2 stepped up the game with amplified parkour, a dynamically changing world, and a more fleshed out narrative, adding depth to relationships and choices. Ultimately, the choice between the two rests on individual preferences. If seamless parkour and a well-established survival setting are your forte, Dying Light’s raw intensity might suit your taste. However, if you seek better narrative, a next gen gameplay element, and dynamic storytelling, Dying Light 2 could be your pick.

Both games have left a mark on the zombie gaming genre, offering experiences that only these two can bring. Whether you prefer the raw, adrenaline-pumping action of the original or the story driven and refined mechanics of the sequel, the world of Dying Light awaits you. The choice lies in what captivates you most in a zombie gaming adventure. Stay Alive, Goodnight and Goodluck.

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